Photos: 52
Taste Test
Mina and I couldn’t agree on anything the other day, she insisted my pussy tasted better and I say hers was the tastiest, she insisted I was one of the best ever to go down on her (Sorry Joe:-) and I know she’s one of the best rug munchers I’ve ever had go down on me. The only thing we could agree on was that we need shut up and eat each others pussies…
Photos: 45
Ohhh Me!
Talk about self love, not only am I getting myself off, I’m doing it to pictures of myself on my site. Jeeze you think I like myself much lol:-) What a conceeded little brat I must be!
Photos: 50
Licky Quicky
I was at Mina’s house checking out her live 24/7 spycam set up because I want to set that up at my house. As we were looking at our sites and comparing notes the touching and kissing started and got side tracked, I guess our cam meeting will have to be rescheduled!
Photos: 37
Short & Sweet
My whole life people have always told me I’m short and sweet. Most have them have never tasted me so I don’t know how they know the sweet part, but I am a shorty that’s for sure. Here’s a set that’s just like me, short and sweet…
Photos: 47
Bi The Tracks
Hey guys I did this shoot quite a while ago and thought I had posted it, better later then never:-) It was so nice out when we shot this at a local rail yard not far from a friends office, unlike the cold November days we’re having now! If you’re in a cold climate I hope these pics warm you up a little:-)
Photos: 75
Sharing Is Caring
The holidays are coming up and it’s important to be on our best behaviour, after all we don’t want to be on the naughty list, well maybe just for certain things:-) Remember, sharing is caring so give someone you love some oral sex and maybe you’ll get some back in return, after all isn’t that what the holidays are really about:-)
Photos: 105
New Year Resolutions
We all make New Year resolutions. I know I do each and every year. The most common is usually working out or eating better, everyone has said that before, and a lot of people say they’ll do various things to make them a better person in way or another. Well this year I have decided I should spend more time with friends I care about and be more generous with them. I’m off to a good start spending quality time with Mina and spoiling her with my tongue...
Photos: 42
Boots in Bed
I did this shoot a little while ago and forgot to post it for you guys. Looking at it now, wearing boots in bed doesn’t look all that sexy, good thing I have big tits:-)
Duration: 15:46
Fun Cam

Check out the fun Seska and I had during our last cam show...

Duration: 12:30
Licking Sucking

Just as the title says, this clip is 12+ minutes of me and Seska licking, sucking, touching and feeling each other. From boobs to butt to feet to dildo fucking this clip is us pleasure the other and getting pleasured, take a look…

Duration: 12:06
Oh Canada!

I should be calling these video’s Oh Seska! We are both patriotic women and love our cunt-ry:-) Nothing says happy birthday Canada like some pussy licking and stap-on fun, we are knows as a peaceful country, and now you see why, we really prefer to make love not war! I hope you enjoy these Canada day clips…

Duration: 11:43
Pleasing Pleasure

When it comes to having sex with Seska (and most of my other partners) it’s all about the pleasure I get from giving pleasure, her moans make me moan. Licking her clit and hearing her moan excite me, imagine when she’s licking my clit at the same time what that does to me. It’s the same when I’m sucking cock and I hear my boy toy moaning, it makes me want to keep sucking. From kissing Seska, to fucking her with her dildo, to liking her toes and pussy, I just love to hear her moan, don’t you…

Duration: 11:21
Glasses asses

Okay by now you know Seska and I get very sexual during our shows but we also get very goofy and like to have fun and laugh a little. We had these giant silly glasses as you’ll see, okay not very mature but we have to have our silly fun before he get into the hardcore pussy eating action:-) I brought Seska to orgasm twice while eating her out then fucking her with her yellow dildo. There’s a great clip of me licking her bum hole while using the toy on her, then she returned the favour by doing the same to me, we have such a fair give and take relationship:-) We finished the show with some lactation fun and silliness, check it out…

Duration: 09:41
Lick for a Lick

Some say an eye for an eye, well with Seska and me it’s a lick for a lick, a strap-on fuck for a strap-on fuck…

Duration: 08:53
Getting Leid

So you want to get leid, cum join Seska and I for one of our webcam shows:-) Having fun with Seska is a lot more fun now that I no longer have a big belly to work around. This Hawaiian themed show there was a whole bunch of some kissing, touching and licking going on, Seska was getting a little thirsty so I gave her a few squirts of milk. We finished off the show by playing with ourselves back to back, check it out…

Duration: 08:37
Halloween 2005

Here are the videos from our special spooky Halloween webcam show. Our main light blew right at the beginning of the show and we couldn\'t find a replacement bulb which explains the poor lighting in this clip, sorry. This show was packed with toy fun and oral action, take a look…

Duration: 08:03
Got Milk?

I\'m back in action after having my baby and it lactalia time! If you like watching a woman lactate you\'re in luck, during this show I squirted all over Seska\'s tits, pussy and ass then licked it all up! I also squirted right into Seska\'s mouth! I hope you like these new clips…

Duration: 07:41
Tongue Fun

Tasty tongue fun is what Seska and love to have, we don’t have penises after all:-) You can hear how intense Seska’s vibrator is in the first clip as she rubs it against her clit and I lick her tasty ass hole. After warming up her bum with my tongue she slips her butt plug in and out while I masturbate both her and myself at the same time. With the butt-plug stuck in her bum, I take her green toy to her other hole and lick her clit at the same time. After an intense orgasm we finished things off with some sensual foot fun.

Duration: 07:40
Toes and Titillation

Seska’s great at sexual multitasking! She can play with her pocket rocket while I suck on her toes, chat with members watching our cam show while I eat her out and lick her tasty bum, and foot fuck me while playing with herself, is there anything she can’t do?

Duration: 06:46
Spoiled Seska

Some days you get spoiled and some days you get to do the spoiling. I\'m the type of girl who likes to make sure my partner is completely satisfied, it gives me pleasure if I know what I\'m doing to them gives them pleasure. This is probably the reason I love giving head, hearing my man moan and watching his face as I suck his dick is such a turn on. Happily Seska doesn\'t have a penis for me to suck (that would be just weird) but she does have other parts I can lick and suck to get her to moan, take a look…

Duration: 05:58
Toes and Toys

Seska loves having her toes sucked and I love being rubbed and massaged, we found a great compromise so we can both enjoy each other… a kind of sensual 69 rather then sexual:-) Seska was a little more spoiled this cam show, I guess James hasn’t been doing his job and I had to come over and satisfy her lol. As I’m getting close to my due date I’m getting a bit limited to the positions I can get into, but I manage, take a look…

Duration: 05:57
Toys and Tongues

Yummy yum, Seska and I have fun with our toys and tongues…

Duration: 05:49
I\'m a Giver

It\'s said that it is better to give then receive, I believe that when it comes to sex, but not when it comes to getting gifts, just kidding:-) I do love to hear my partner moan, I think hearing someone moan can sometimes be more of a turn on then having them play with me at the same time. To watch the other persons face as you drive them into ecstasy and bring them to orgasm is such a turn on. Watch as I bring Seska to orgasm and then give her some of my milk…

Duration: 05:24
Lesbo Bunnies

I\'m not sure how these video\'s got lost, I thought I posted them but I can\'t seem to find them on my site:-) These clips are from our Easter webcam, which would explain the rabbit ears:-) As you\'ll see I started on Seska and then she returned the favor, and back and forth it went, take a look…

Duration: 04:18
Eating Out

I already used the term asstastic for another set but this one also deserves that name. Here\'s a great clip of Seska and I eating each others umm… lady parts lol. I was out with some friends last week and one of the girls always said lady parts instead of pussy or vagina, we were talking about my site and she would even ask us to say lady parts. I told her unless she would let me take pictures of her lady parts to show you guys I\'ll keep calling it what I want lol.

Photos: 40
Goldie Knockers

I rented this beautiful room to do some shoots in, the cleofatra:-) shoot was done in this room as well. As you can see my boobs, nipples and belly continue to grow and my nipples are getting extra sensitive these days. Pregnancy does weird things to a woman, at first you lose your sexdrive then it comes back. Right now I have more of sexual/sensual drive, the penetration is good, but foreplay gets me so excited, all the little nerve endings in my pussy are so sensitive I can come in under 2 minutes if you touch (or lick:-) me right!

Photos: 37
Working Out

In order to keep my girlish figure I need to… ah who am I kidding all this Dairy Queen has gone straight to my belly lol:-) Even though I’m pregnant I still try and get some working out into my day, since it was too cold to walk outside during the winter months I biked inside. The temperature sure gets hot when I’m peddling… cardio does that to a person… I think I need a personal trainer though, does it look to you like I have proper form…

Photos: 50
Stairway to Heaven

It’s always good to keep a camera with you! After all you never know when you’ll just want take off all your clothes in a buildings stairway in front of a window… okay most people know when that will happen to them, NEVER! Well most people aren’t like me, it’s way too cold to get naked outside so I have to get my exhibitionist fix somehow:-) These pictures were taken after I went shopping in the buildings emergency stairway and then in the underground parking!

Photos: 43
Black n Belly

As the days go by I keep growing, and the only problem with that is it makes it harder and harder to play with myself! Luckily I can still play with my extra large and extra sensitive nipples, talking about my boobs (as I like to do:-) they also keep getting bigger and more firm… and when I give birth I’ll have a whole bunch of milk to share!

Photos: 47
Playing for You

While I was away over the holidays I took every advantage of doing some photo’s for you guys. I was away and had no stress, so my mind was clear to have some and have my friend take some pictures. There aren’t many themes we could do in this cheesy hotel room (I’m completely aware it was cheesy) so my friend told me to just play with myself and continue until I have an orgasm and she’s will just take the pictures, I hope you like this set of me playing with myself for you…

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